At our core, we believe that clothing is more than just a fashion statement – it's a powerful means of self-expression and empowerment. Our founder knows firsthand the emotional impact of clothes. Through her own experiences, she realized that dressing smartly wasn't just about looks – it was a lifeline during tough times, a way to uplift her spirits and embrace her power. We're here to help you radiate confidence and strength from within. With our brand, we're on a mission to extend that magic to you. Think of our brand as your personal "pick me up." We understand the magic that a well-chosen outfit can bring. It's not just fabric, it's a transformative tool that can make you feel ready to conquer any challenge.


Our brand's vision is to empower women through clean, minimal, and contemporary designs that focus on fit, attention to detail, and comfort, using superior craftsmanship and premium fabrics. We aspire to create a world where every woman feels confident, elegant, and empowered in her own skin, while leading the way towards a sustainable and ethical future for the fashion industry.


Fueling Crafted Simplicity's dynamic creativity is Richa Khandelwal, an alumna of Pearl Academy of Design in New Delhi. Richa's unwavering zeal for crafting exquisite creations finds its roots in her formative years surrounded by the essence of impeccable design. Her professional journey has been enriched by invaluable experiences alongside industry luminaries like Ridhima Bhasin, New Times Group (with an association with the European apparel brand Guess), and Urvashi Kaur, which have finely honed her design sensibilities.

Notably, Richa's remarkable expertise spans Styling, Fashion Design, and adept management skills, culminating in her pivotal role backstage at New York Fashion Week in 2019. This platform not only showcased her innate talent but also demonstrated her proficiency in orchestrating seamless fashion events.