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Inspired by the enchanting beauty of a floral paradise, the concept captures the fluid motion found in nature's blooms. This ethereal movement is mirrored through the use of fabrics that artfully envelop the body, paying homage to Egypt's pleating heritage while infusing modern comfort and style for today's discerning women.

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Free shipping on all the orders above INR7000/-
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Get ready to move with grace in our A-Line Dress, designed for ultimate movement and flow. Featuring godet insertions with delicate pleat detailing and a V-neck folded collar. Made from luxurious Modal Satin fabric, it's a masterpiece of comfort and style.
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A Line Dress for Movement & Flow Godet Insertion with Pleat Detailing
V Neck Folded Collar
Made in Modal Satin fabric
Dress Length - 32"
Model's height is 5'7", She is wearing XS
Dry Clean Only